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Guarantees on our products, after-sales service and handling

Thank you for your trust, we welcome you to our page concerning the services associated with our products: Astrié-type stone grinder mills and grain brush. 

Product handling

We offer each of our clients a space face-to-face or remote training to accompany you in the total and complete handling of your Astréïa equipment.

Objective: to allow you to use your Astréïa products as efficiently as possible so that you have the highest possible yield. 


Astreia product warranty

Our products are all guaranteed for 12 months, parts and labor.


After-sales services and repairs

Whether your product is under manufacturer's warranty or out of warranty, we provide after-sales service for our products ourselves without outside intervention because we know our products perfectly.

Our After-Sales Service is available by telephone every day.


Following the implementation of a standardized quality process, we provide our after-sales service within the following deadlines.

The deadline is between 2 hours and 10 days maximum for sending the parts or with a replacement solution.

We define together the impact of the repair or breakdown, the urgency according to your activity and the time of year and according to your sales: we intervene with remote repair during the day. If it is necessary to send you parts or to travel, we will always do so according to your availability and within 10 working days maximum.


Help with product use

Our products are supplied with training and a complete written user manual.


If you need help or if you have any doubts about using your product, Yannis remains at your disposal by telephone.


Grinding wheel maintenance and dressing

Like any tool, regular upkeep and maintenance of the product is necessary.


On the mills in particular: The dressing of the grinding wheels of the mill is necessary to maintain the yield and the cutting edge. Also,every 40 tons of durum wheat, it is necessary to redress the millstones. This service is provided by Astréïa.

We then take the opportunity to carry out a complete overhaul of the mill: belt, bearing, repair of the millstones. The objective is for your mill to last over time and for the performance to remain unchanged.


Installation of Astreia products

Our products come with a rate of return that is assured when the grinder is installed flat on a flat surface and bolted down. This is the necessary condition for the performance displayed by Astréïa. 

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