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5 differences between the millstone mills and the Moulin Astrié

The Astreïa mill makes it possible to obtain the best quality of flour, as efficiently as possible. For this, he uses without modification the find of Pierre and André Astrié, who gave their name to their mill: the famous Astrié mill

Here are the names we give in everyday language:

- Moulin Astrie

- Stone wheel flour mill

- Stone wheel mill

- Astrié-type stone mill

To remember !

  • An adjustment of the gap between the wheels

  • An extraction rate of 80% in a single pass

A flour mill which makes it possible to obtain flour: 

  • thinner

  • more nutritious

  • local flour

What differentiates themill Astrié other mills ?

The system invented by Pierre and André Astrié allows micrometric adjustment of the gap between the grinding wheels. This is what allows this quality and this fineness of grinding, for an extraction rate of 80% in a single pass. IThe flour is therefore neither overheated nor oxidised.It is indeed necessary, on any other mill, several passages between the millstones or the cylinders to have such a rate of extraction.

With the Astreïa mill, of the Astrié type,a fine, nutritious flour is effectively obtained, true reflection of your wheat or cereal. A local flour!

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