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Our mailing address: 

Bruyeres ZAC

180 Rue Lavoisier

01960 Peronnas

Phone: +33 4 83 43 22 12

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At Astréïa, we are farmers, peasant bakers and we design and manufacture our machines.


We have two workshops in which we entirely manufacture our Astréïa machines.

We do not do assembly but design with an in-house design office followed by the artisanal manufacture of our stone grinder mills as well as our grain brush. 

Our companions are trained by us and manufacture your Astréïa flour mill or your grain brush from A to Z. Our historic workshop is located in Ain, the company's head office. We have a second manufacturing site located in Hérault. We have just invested in an area that brings together all of our activities: farming + baking + manufacturing and above all a place to meet with our community. 

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