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What is an Astrié flour mill?

A flour mill with stone wheels that does not crush the grain but unrolls it

The Astrié mill: what isand is it?

The discovery consists of the design and development of an oscillating system concerning the rotating grinding wheel. 

An ingenious combination of two springs makes it possible to control the upward force exerted by the grind and to precisely adjust the gap between the two grinding wheels. 

The Astrié mill that we manufacture atAstreia is a mill foragricultural professionals.


André Astrié talks about it in his book “Faire notre Pain. For what ? How ? » 

“The progress that I have made allows perfect control of the wheel gap. Added to this is a grinding of the working surfaces, instead of the traditional stitching which breaks the sound. This makes it possible to obtain a calibrated flour, type 80, in a single pass, without the visible presence of bran. Result impossible to obtain with the cylinders as much as with the old mills”. 

Moulin Astrié: A find, simple, ingenious, common sense kept at ASTREIA

The constant research of the Astrié brothers to improve their mill is an integral part of its uniqueness. They had to find the right stone to design and cut robust and efficient grinding wheels. Develop a power system that is strong, precise and never fails. The sieving of millings has also been the subject of extensive research. And for good reason, the constraints of the milling can cause condensation within the sieve and poor sieving will never give good flour. Again there are many design details and all of them are important.


Astréïa stone mill: An exceptional flour

The Astrié brothers' stone mill is certainly the best in terms of efficiency and flour quality. It is not uncommon today to discuss with people who know “Astrié” mills by reputation, without knowing that this is the surname of its inventors. . . At Astreia, we chose to keep the find without modifying it. We have simply brought the Astrié brothers' find up to hygiene, food, electrical and safety standards.

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