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Why is the invention " Astrié " unique?

Is your time precious? You have less than a minute? Here is a video summary of this article:

The grinding wheel attachment system

In a “Moulin Astrié” type stone mill, there are two millstones:

  • the so-called “dormant” fixed wheel

  • the so-called “flying” oscillating wheel

And it is the attachment system of the "flying" grinding wheel that is innovative.

Indeed, the flying wheel is not fixed, it is hung thanks to an oscillating system.

It is therefore not the weight of the flying millstone that will crush the seed to make flour, but it is the gap between the fixed millstone and the flying wheel which will allow the seed to be unrolled to extract the germ and all its components.

It is therefore the gap between the millstones that will determine the grind.

Depending on the grind you want, you will be able to adjust the distance between the wheels. In this video we have recorded the way the flying wheel oscillates so that you understand in picture.

How to adjust the gap between the grinding wheels?

Nothing could be simpler!

You have a crank that allows you to move the grinding wheels closer together or further apart. We explain it in this video:

Why the fact that the seed is not crushed but "unrolled" will change everything?

To make a quick summary, the fact that your seed is unrolled and no longer crushed will allow you to obtain a flour that:

  • retains all its nutritional qualities

  • is more digestible

  • is more nutritious

  • is a local flour

  • is unoxidized

  • has greater added-value

Want to know more?

Techniques borrowed from milling to make a coherent mill

Beyond this invention, which we owe purely and simply to the Astrié brothers (who gave the name to this type of stone mill), there is also an overall reflection on the mill.

Photo Moulin Astrié with a stone millstone made by Astreia

Indeed, Pierre and André Astrié knew the world of milling and milling well, so they borrowed different techniques and technologies specific to different tools to make a coherent mill.

For example, they were inspired by other machine tools to offer:

  • one-handed flow adjustment

  • sifting

  • sieve change possible in a jiffy

All these techniques and solutions make it possible today to make a machine (the stone wheel mill known as “Moulin Astrié”) that is consistent, reliable, robust with practically no after-sales service.

What makes the Astrié mill made by Astréïa different?

At Astréïa, we are committed to:

  • fully and completely respect the Astrié invention

  • provide you with a stone grinder with safety and hygiene standards

  • to share with you our experience in the field as a grain producer

  • to share with you our experience in the field as a baker farmer

  • supporting a company that respects its employees

  • advise you on the optimal location of the mill according to your objectives

  • allow you to benefit from our global vision and expertise from wheat to flour

  • delivering you the mill best suited to your ambitions and expectations

  • to share with you our mission: that of an autonomous peasant world

Astreia logo stone mill manufacturer Astrié

We would like to tell you more about the way we work. To do this, continue reading: Astréia: authentic Astrié mill, a company committed to the farming world in the broad sense


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