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Moulin Astréïa videos to understand how an Astrié stone mill works


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Différences entre mouture sur moulin à cylindre vs. moulin à meules de pierre

Comprendre le principe
du moulin Astrié

Pourquoi une meilleure farine avec un Moulin Astrié ?

Connaître Astréia

Quels types de céréales peut-on dérouler dans un moulin Astrié ?

Différences entre un Moulin Astrié et un Moulin à meule de pierre ... 

The difference between Moulin Astrié
and traditional millstones

The central question is often no longer "why a flour mill" but rather "which flour mill is best suited to my project"?

Also, many of you are asking us about the difference between a traditional mill and an Astrié-type mill as we offer.

We therefore end this page with a summary on this question in order to answer in a few words. We then created a comprehensive guide to answer in detail:"Comparison of Professional flour mills" here.


  1. A traditional burr mill crushes wheat by the weight of the top burr vs. The Astréïa flour mill has grinding wheels but does not crush the grain, it unrolls it finely

  2. A traditional grinding wheel mill requires several ironings to produce flour, it is therefore essential to provide a human resource to do the ironing work or to have a system that irons the semolina (and which therefore oxidizes)

  3. An Astréïa mill has an extraction rate of 80% in a single pass (the remaining 20% is the wheat grain husk, the bran)

  4. A traditional burr mill has a brush sifting system that forces the flour through the mesh

  5. An Astréïa mill has a sieve whose sieving is done using taps that reproduce the manual movement of a classic sieving, without forcing either the material or the machine.

  6. A traditional millstone is often a product that is resold by a French or foreign company, but you do not have to deal with the craftsman, the manufacturer

  7. Today, there is no reseller of an Astrié type mill, if you buy an Astrié mill, it is made by a fellow craftsman who generally owns his land and makes bread. A real expertise on the sector and not on the resale.

The details can be read here:Easily Compare Stone Burr Mills to Make the Right Choice for Your Project

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