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Moulin Astréïa - Stone millstones diameter 100cm

Grinding wheels are 100cm in diameter: recommended if you want to up the ante and grind rights.​

We manufacture in our French workshop, in an artisanal way.

The Moulin Astréïa in 100cm includes 

  • the mill (millstones, hopper, frame, etc.)

  • the bolter (flour collection box)

  • automatic flour extraction from the bolter

  • automatic bagging of flour

  • the brown flour sieve (equivalent T80)

  • options are available: automatic flour bagging, other sieves to make several flours with a single mill, electric adaptation... (see Moulin Astréïa 100 options)

All our products are designed on our farm in the Hérault in France, are then designed by our in-house design office, then manufactured by our companions without spot cutting.



Yield of 80% in brown wheat flour

Output 30 to 35kg of flour / hour

Flow rate adjustable with one hand using a flow lever

Automatic shutdown of the grinder when the hopper is empty thanks to a mechanical sensor without on-board electronics


Your flour is more nutritious, digestible for your consumer

Your flour is softer, easier to work with

Astréïa flour is the exact reflection of the grain, a real local flour.

Make several different flours with one mill


  • Driven by 380V electric motor (three-phase + earth) (16A)

  • Electrical cabinet to CE standards

  • 2.2kw for the mill motor, 0.37kw for the bolter, i.e. 2.6kw all together

  •  Sound volume, workstation: 75dB(A)

  • The mill must be installed in a ventilated, dry (<70%RH) and temperate room (10 to 30°C)


  • The condition for a good grind: a dry seed between 12 and 14% humidity

    Soft wheat and durum wheat

  • Buckwheat, barley, rye

  • Chestnuts

  • But

  • ...


A real differentiator on the farm or in the shop: your customers like to see the mill working 

You can choose with a single Astréïa mill to make several different flours, just by exchanging your sieves

Your flour has a higher added value


  • T80 equivalent flour with the 300 sieve supplied with the complete mill

  • Flour equivalent T110 with additional sieve in 470µ

  • Flour equivalent T130 with additional sieve in 600µ 

  • Semolina with additional sieve made to measure according to your needs


Compliance with food standards in force in France and Europe

Compliance with current health and safety standards

Complete and total respect for André and Pierre Astrié's process without modifying the discovery that gives value to this type of millstone millstone.


Your processed products have unparalleled taste that customers remember

Your customers have the feeling of eating bread, pasta or cookies of yesteryear

Your flour has a higher added value


Weight: approximately 930 kg

Millstones: 100 cm

Footprint: Length: 490cm

Width: 150cm

Height 160cm, or 210cm with the use of the gallows, 

Count an elevation of the mill of 80 to 100 cm (height of the bags)

Minimum ceiling height 3 meters to remove the stem

Max hopper load: 50 kilos (ideally with continuous feeding)

Transport: Van from 9 to 12 m3, payload of 1 ton minimum


tamis pour moulin à farine à meules Astréïa


With a single mill you can make several flours. Your mill is sold with a sieve to make flour equiv. T80. You can add different sieves depending on your flour projects.

Moulins meules de pierre Astréïa


Stem and rudder are included in the price, but if you have particular constraints we can remove them. Let's talk about it together.

farine d'exception pour moulin à farine à meules de pierre


 Choice between  4 or 7 outlets according to your needs to extract the flour and bag it directly on site, with autonomous work of the mill and automatic stop when the last bag is full

Moulin à farine Astréïa réglages simples


Stem and rudder are included in the price, but if you have particular constraints we can remove them. Let's talk about it together.

Tamis petit son 2.png


Stem and rudder are included in the price, but if you have particular constraints we can remove them. Let's talk about it together.

In summary !

The mill does not crush the wheat but theunfolds.

The flour is little heated, little oxidized.

This process makes it possible to obtain a flour that is easy to work with, tasty, nutritious and above all particularlydigest including for some people who, until then, thought they were gluten intolerant.

You get 80% extraction in a single pass with a 300 micron sieve.

The distance between the wheels is easily adjusted by hand thanks to the mechanical lever

Each mill is producedt by an Astréïa companion from A to Z

who signs his creation for the person who will receive it.

Capture d’écran 2022-09-15 à 20.03.36.png

French made

Capture d’écran 2022-09-15 à 20.03.50.png

30 to 35 kilos of flour / hour

Capture d’écran 2022-09-15 à 20.03.55.png

Don't crush the grain, roll it out

Capture d’écran 2022-09-15 à 20.04.02.png

A mill for several flours

Capture d’écran 2022-09-15 à 20.04.17.png

Nutritious and digestible flour

Capture d’écran 2022-09-15 à 20.03.55.png

Premium flour, high added value

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