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Grain brush Astréïa

The essential tool upstream of the mill.
The brush makes it possible to obtain a grain

ready to grind.

​We have designed this grain brush that we manufacture in our workshops our Astréïa grain brush. 

Simple settings, integrated suction provided by an industrial-grade centrifugal fan. It is quite possible to adjust the space between the grid and the brush for optimum quality.

The Astréïa grain brush removes all residues, but also dust and of course insect eggs...

Operation of the
Grain brush Astréïa

Two Nylon bristle brushes brush the grain against a cylindrical perforated sheet

made of high strength steel.

The mechanical cleaning action is threefold:
1) the bristles brush the grain
2) the grain is rubbed against the perforated sheet

3)  the grains rub against each other The grain advances in the cylinder pushed by scrapers.

At the outlet of the cylinder, the grain passes into a densimetric column (optional); it is here that the light fractions (straws, bales, leaves...) which have not passed through the perforated sheet are separated from the grain



In a single pass, up to 80% less dust and mycotoxins are eliminated without altering the grain.


Electrical box with thermal protection for each motor and built-in ammeter for easy adjustment of incoming grain flow

Electrical power: 2.8kW (brush: 2.2kW and suction: 0.55kW)


A safety switch cuts off the power and prevents the brush from starting if the cover of the box remains open


Three-phase connection by 16A 3P+T socket. Brush delivered with 5 m of cable 

The machine must imperatively be anchored to the ground for reasons of stability and safety.


Integrated suction provided by a centrifugal fan

Densimetric sorting column allowing the separation of light fractions: straw, wheat husks.



Adjustment, maintenance and cleaning of the brush very easy thanks to the hinged cover


Fine adjustment of the brushing intensity via precise mechanical adjustment of the incoming grain flow

Adjustable and interchangeable brushes

A timed capacitive sensor allows automatic brush cut-off when the hopper is empty


Grain flow (for wheat) adjustable from 200 to 700 kg/h depending on the desired brushing. The lower the grit rate, the more intensively the grit will be brushed.

Hopper with a capacity of approx. 50 kg of grain (wheat).


Weight: about 170 kgs

Overall dimensions (without the cyclone separator): length 120cm x height 195cm x width 71cm

Noise level of the machine in operation: Lp=85dB (A)

The machine must be placed close (<3 m) to an air outlet to the outside, in a closed room, protected from humidity RH%<70%, T°C between 10 and 40°C

All our products are designed on our farm in the Hérault in France, are then designed by our in-house design office, then manufactured by our companions in our without spot cutting.


Brosse à grains Astréïa made in France


2 sensors that stop the brush if the hopper is empty or if the container at the brush outlet is full.

Delayed capacitive sensor

Cables and sockets supplied

Brosse à grains Astréïa made in France


This is a sorting function at the brushing outlet to eliminate impurities too large to pass the stator grid but lighter than seeds (husks, straws, balls)... 

Brosse à grains Astréïa made in France


Waste collection tray (140L)

Cyclone to purify the air at the suction outlet

Drop the impurities into the container by gravity.

Independent brush option

Easy and quick to assemble.

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