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  • What is an "Astrié type" mill?
    The Astréïa mill is an Astrié type stone mill, what does that mean?
  • How is the Moulin Astréïa equipped?
    Here is a video to show you the mill, its equipment and the possible options:
  • What are the technical specificities of Moulin Astréïa?
    You can see the technical specifications of Moulin Astréïa by clicking here
  • What size are the wheels?
    We offer a grinder with wheels measuring 50cm in diameter. We are now taking pre-orders for our Moulin Astrié in 100cm diameter. For this, contact us.
  • What is the average flow rate at Moulin Astréïa?
    Throughput between 12 and 15kg of flour / hour.
  • What is our production time?
    Our production time is around 6 weeks from the date the quote is signed. You can request your free quote
  • Comment différencier Astréia des autres fabricants de moulin ?
  • Handling, Training and Delivery of the mill"
    When your mill is ready, we usually welcome you to our premises to train you in handling your mill. You can come with a few kilos of cereal and we will teach you how to use the mill to obtain the quality of flour you want. We show you how to make the specific settings to your mill to your goals. This is a time to share best practices. Then you leave with the mill ready to put it into service "at home". On rare occasions we have delivered, but in agreement with the majority of our customers, the price of the carriers is much higher than that of your arrival. In addition, training being (in our opinion) essential to the success of your project, it makes you come to us. This is why we combined these two moments: training and leaving the mill. For transport, we recommend a vehicle of type Expert", Traffic", Jumpy", Transport" or equivalent. When loading, we will put the mill in the vehicle with a pallet truck that we have in the workshop. For unloading, we recommend: a pallet truck (the mill is transported in pallet boxes) or a vehicle with a tailgate allowing you to raise and lower the mill

Frequently asked questions about
the Astrié flour mill

Here are some of the most common questions asked before buying a stone burr mill:

  1. What is the production capacity of the mill?

  2. What is the quality of the grinding stones?

  3. Is the grinder easy to use and maintain?

  4. What is the purchase cost and operating costs of the mill?

  5. What is the level of noise generated by the grinder?

  6. What is the warranty offered by the manufacturer?

  7. Are there any accessories or options available for the grinder?

  8. What is the delivery time and shipping costs?

  9. Are there local service centers for the grinder?

  10. Are there reviews or customer ratings available for the grinder?

There are several reasons why Professionals choose to equip themselves with a stone grinder:

  1. Superior grind quality : Stone millstones grind grain evenly and produce finer flour than steel roller mills.

  2. Better taste and flavor : Stone burr mills better preserve the nutrients and flavor of the beans, which can improve the taste and flavor of your food.

  3. Healthier : Stone mills do not produce excessive heat that could damage the nutrients in the grains, which can make them healthier than flours produced by other means.

  4. Sustainability : Stone wheels are more durable than steel cylinders and can last for several years without degrading.

  5. Flexibility: Stone burr grinders can be used to grind a variety of grains and other ingredients, making them more versatile than other grinder types.

  6. Economy : Grinding your own grains can be more economical in the long run than buying pre-ground flours.

  7. Quality control : Grinding your own grains allows you to better control the quality of the ingredients used in your grain processing and therefore increases the satisfaction of your customers.

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