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How To Choose The Best Flour Mill For Your Farm?

If you are looking to make your own flour on the farm or in your operation, a flour mill is an essential tool. However, it can be difficult to know which flour mill to choose to meet your needs. In this handy guide, we'll give you tips on choosing the best flour mill for your home.


For your future flour mill: Analyze your specific needs

Ask yourself simple questions like:

  • How many tons of faire do I need?

  • How many hours per month can I devote to this activity?

  • To whom will I sell my flour from the mill?

  • Do I want to turn this flour into bread, pasta?

  • Have I ever seen how a flour mill works?

Astréïa Stone Grinder Flour Mill

Understanding the different types of flour mills.

Before choosing a flour mill for your operation and even your bakery, it is important to understand the different types available on the market.

  1. Manual flour mills are the simplest and cheapest, but they require a lot of manual work and they are dedicated to families, individuals

  2. Electric flour mills are dedicated to professionals like you.

In this category of professional flour mills you will find:

  1. Cylinder flour mills

  2. The flour mills with stone wheels

Here is a video of how to tell the difference between these two large families of professional flour mills:

Consider the capacity and size of the grinder.

When choosing a flour mill for your business, it is important to consider the capacity and size of the mill.

Not only to know how much flour you will be able to make from a certain number of tons of grain (wheat, spelt, small spelt, durum wheat, soft wheat, corn...), but also in how many time and in which room.

At this level, here are the elements to take into account:

  • How many tonnes of grain do you have to process on the farm?

  • Do you want to make the most flour with the least grain? In this case, easily opt for a flour mill with Astrié stone wheels, because other mills do not have the same yields!!!

  • How much space do you have at home to install the flour mill with stone wheels in a secure way and while meeting the few hygiene standards?

We have also written a complete article to help you compare all the mills: Professional flour mills comparison

professional flour mill comparator

Check the quality of the grind.

When choosing a flour mill, it is important to check the quality of the grind it produces. A quality grind is essential to obtain a fine and uniform flour, which is important for the baking and baking of your customers.

Be sure to choose a flour mill that uses Sidobre granite burrs for a top quality grind.

Always check the bran, it is important to know the quality of your flour.

You can also check customer reviews to see if the flour mill produces quality flour.

We have written an article that should interest you on this subject: Astrié type flour mill: the only real option for quality flour?

Choose the right manufacturer and avoid resellers

When you choose your grinder, you will now choose your manufacturer. There are well-known manufacturers in France who handcraft your flour mill for you. There are also dealers whose well-rehearsed sales pitch makes you forget who actually produces the flour mill and where.

Be aware that calling on a quality company, established for several years, with varied customer feedback over a wide territory, will easily allow you to get a good idea.

If you want to equip yourself with an Astrié flour mill, we recommend that you read this article in detail for practical advice: ASTRIÉ flour mill: which manufacturer to choose?

Astréïa Stone Grinder Flour Mill

To go further for your professional flour mill

If you want to go further, we have designed a complete guide to the best professional flour mill.


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